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With an impressive tally of over 300+ success stories and member transformations, we have full confidence that our program is well-prepared to lead you toward achieving your fitness goals.


Killer Fit CAMP

$400.00 Regular Price
$325.00Sale Price



    🏳️‍🌈PRIDE CAMP SPECIAL OFFER: This is our PRIDE CAMP, celebrated once per year. This will include a long-awaited CHALLENGE aspect. We will have two big-time winning transformations as well as guaranteed changes to all our members! Our Pride CAMP also is offering a never-done-before additional FREE coaching week! So instead of 6 weeks long, all members will receive 7 weeks of coaching.🏳️‍🌈

    • 7-Week Workout Program: Built and Crafted by Coach Steph. These workouts are tailored for All Fitness Levels Suitable for Gym and Home-Based Training Accessible in a Mobile-Friendly Format In-depth Coaching and Technique Videos


    Stay connected and motivated throughout your fitness journey with our accountability features.

    • Coach Updates: Exclusive weekly updates on a private portal
    • Facebook Group/Community: A vibrant hub for motivation and community engagement
    • Weekly Tips: Receive insights on Strength, Nutrition, and Mindset
    • Members Fitness Web Portal: A dedicated space for all your fitness needs


    Engage in live classes to enhance your fitness experience.

    • Weekly Zoom Class: Join at your convenience, a valuable tool for accountability
    • Recordings: Access class recordings for all 6 weeks
    • Motivational Sessions: Benefit from team meetups, Q&A, and fitness tips and even random HIIT pop-up classes.


    Fuel your body for success with our comprehensive nutrition offerings.

    • 1-Week All-Natural Detox: Kickstart your journey with a detox program made to set you up for succes! 
    • 5-Week Nutrition Plan: Tailored to your preferences (Balanced/Vegan/Fasting/Macros)
    • Custom Options: Personalize your nutrition further with add-on options
  • Refunds will only be honored within 24 hours after purchase. 

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